Cargo Movers

truckI’m in this business because when I was a kid during school vacation time my dad took me on his truck and together we delivered fresh vegetables across the Netherlands as he worked for a small local distributor. Getting up at 5 am and starting the truck, as a kid being the boss of the music on the radio and helping during loading and unloading. A kid could not ask for more at those days.

During these trips we met a lot of other cargo movers on the road. There are a lot of different type of movers.  Two favorites of mine I saw at the gas station, truck parking and at many warehouses. :

  • The Talker; They are always telling the greatest stories of their trips. I listened many hours to their stories during our stops as well.
  • The Loner; they come in, show the papers, load/unload and leave without saying a word. I still remember their faces as I they were the nicest people of all. They helped you during breakdowns, problems during loading and unloading, but all with impressive silence.

But both did have a common goal: bringing the goods from A to B.

Easy to say my first dreams where owning a truck and a big trailer containing the words “Van Wunnik Transport”. Even as a small kid I had big dreams and I surely think I’m the Talker Mover.

My dad worked most his life in logistics. Delivering milk during early mornings, delivering vegetables and handling polymer plastics pallets on a lift-truck for DSV (Started at Frans Maas) until he retired a few years ago. Although he still moves the polymers plastics pallets around as as he still available when his services are needed!

Lately he met a Turkish Loner Mover (due to language differences) during his truck loading work in the warehouse. When he loaded the truck the Loner asked with visual arm movements if he could park in the neighborhood to make his dinner. My father pointed out to him to park next to the warehouse. 30 minutes later he came up and invited my dad to dinner next to the trailer.

Making his best meal with all the best Turkish ingredients on his small movable kitchen trying to make acquaintance with his service provider, which again proves the cargo movers are a great set human beings.

I salute you Cargo Movers! You have a great task and you all try the best you have got in life!

PS: I’m still chasing my dreams for family business a little bit. My dad worked at DSV (still does a little) and introduced me to the company when I was studying. Now I’m his successor at DSV. So I must take care of the business!


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